German Studies Review

From 2011 to 2021, I served as the editor of the German Studies Review (GSR). It is the journal of the German Studies Association (GSA), the world’s largest scholarly association devoted to the study of German-speaking countries. Founded in 1977, the journal features articles and book reviews on the history, literature, culture, and politics of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The majority of articles are published in English; the journal appears three times a year, in February, May, and October. Since 2012, the journal is published by Johns Hopkins University Press and available through the online database Project Muse. GSR is a journal of first publication, and all submissions are peer-reviewed (double-blind review). The editor, book review editors, and editorial board members teach at colleges and universities in North America and Europe. The project of a transdisciplinary, transnational German studies has been an integral part of the journal’s mission from the start. Read by historians, literary scholars, film scholars, musicologists, art historians, and political scientists, the journal promotes critical dialogue among these disciplines and favors cultural studies approaches.

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Film Europa

From 2008 to 2017, I served as coeditor, together with Tim Bergfelder (University of Southampton, UK) and Hans-Michael Bock (Hamburg, Cine-Graph), of the Film Europa  series published by Berghahn Books. Started in 2008, the series approaches German cinema in a transnational context and emphasizes connections, influences, and exchanges across national borders, as well as its links with other media and art forms. Individual titles present traditional historical research (archival work, industry studies) as well as new critical approaches in film and media studies (theories of the transnational), with a special emphasis on the continuities associated with popular traditions and local perspectives.

So far, twenty-four titles have appeared in the series. For a full listing, see here.